The Paytech Show: What’s next for US banks in the FedNow era?

If you’re looking for new opportunities to generate more revenue in 2024, you’re probably thinking about adopting FedNow (or you’ve already signed up).

But firms offering instant payments are having to make big changes to their infrastructure. So their operations can support real-time transactions – and so operational costs don’t rise.

In this episode of FF News’ The Paytech Show, three instant payments experts share what you need to consider when signing up for FedNow. It features Nicolas Botha, our Global Payments Lead, Anu Somani, Senior Vice President at US Bank, and Star One Credit Union’s Minal Gupta.

They discussed:

  • The impact FedNow is making in the United States
  • What you need to consider to get the most out of FedNow
  • How you can ensure you have constant liquidity to offer instant payments

Original content is from FF News, published here.