AutoRek works with leading high-street banks, challenger organisations and start-ups to deliver timely, accurate and robust financial data control.

Key benefits

  • Fully automate reconciliations
  • Save on costs and manual processes
  • Reduce spreadsheet reliance
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Enhance financial controls
  • Enrich and consolidate data

Reduce costs and maximise efficiency

Consolidate your data in a controlled and auditable environment. AutoRek ingests data in any format from any source to allow for a single repository for all your data control needs. AutoRek helps to identify areas that can be improved, saving your business valuable money and time.

Reduce risks and meet regulatory compliance

AutoRek is designed to fit your needs. By creating a golden source of validated and enriched data, the solution ensures your data is prepared and presented to meet all your businesses regulatory obligations. AutoRek is completely flexible to adjust to ongoing regulatory changes in the financial services market.

Enhance your financial controls

Customisable dashboards give you full visibility of your data and how it has performed. From identifying challenges and bottlenecks to letting you competently prepare for key events, AutoRek makes decision making for key account managers simpler, more accurate and faster.

Banking solutions

Automated Reconciliations

AutoRek delivers robust automated reconciliation software that mitigates risk, enhances control and delivers efficiencies.

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ATM Reconciliations

AutoRek provides a transparent and actionable control regime to support ATM cash management, reconciliation and reporting. We reconcile over 25% of all ATM cash transactions in the UK.

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