AutoRek’s tailored solutions help insurance firms meet their reconciliation, financial control and data management requirements. AutoRek software increases efficiency, accountability, control and reduces costs through end-to-end automation.

Key benefits

  • Fully automate reconciliations
  • Fully automate financial controls
  • Significant cost reduction
  • End-to-end process automation
  • Automate data aggregation, enrichment and validation
  • Realtime insights into positions
  • Reliable MI and reporting
  • Machine learning
  • Comprehensive and accurate control

Automate all reconciliations

Automatically aggregate, enrich & validate any data. Create any type of matching or business rule and apply to data and generating real time MI / reporting outputs.

Insurer Statements or Bordereaux reconciliations are some of the most complex found in the insurance sector and require significant manual effort. AutoRek easily automates these processes from start to finish.

A full suite of financial controls

Create bespoke financial control processes to meet your business requirements. AutoRek is a configurable rules driven platform which can be applied to a diverse range of business scenarios in Insurance.

Complex non-standard processes are common across the Insurance sector. AutoRek provides end-to-end automation and ensures efficiency, control, accuracy and auditability.

Meet IFRS 17 standards

Ensure accuracy and transparency for the underlying data and financial control processes that support the IFRS 17 accounting requirements.

AutoRek brings together data from across the business and validates it for accuracy and completeness, highlighting any issues early. Comparing records from period to period, AutoRek highlights policies that have had changes to positions quickly and significantly reduces overall time taken for IFRS 17 accounting.

Insurance solutions

Automated Reconciliations

AutoRek delivers robust automated reconciliation software that mitigates risk, enhances control and delivers efficiencies.

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AutoRek is implemented across the insurance sector as a key pillar in meeting the new IFRS 17 obligations.

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