Automated software solutions to help insurance firms meet their reconciliation, financial control and data management and attestation requirements. AutoRek software increases efficiency, accountability, control and reduces costs through end-to-end automation.

Use cases

  • Cash Posting and Allocation
  • Insurance Broker Accounting
  • IFRS 17
  • Credit Control
  • CASS 5 Automation
  • Subledger
  • Complex Reconciliations
  • Cashflow Matching
  • Balance Sheet Attestation

Automate any Reconciliation

AutoRek’s intelligent data acquisition functionality facilitates automated data ingestion from source systems, using methods from file upload and APIs to webhooks and database connections. The data transformation functionality automates data aggregation, enrichment & validation.

Create any type of matching or business rule and apply it to your data. Intelligent automation functionality suggests resolution actions, while advanced workflow ensures queries/exceptions are managed through to resolution.

AutoReks advanced reporting functionality provides real-time MI and KPI’s through Dashboards, Reports & exports.

Reconciliation types covered

  • Bank
  • Insurer Statement
  • Inter-system
  • CASS 5
  • Payment Providers
  • Bordereaux
  • Multi-way
  • IFRS 17
  • Premium Credit
  • Broker Statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Solvency II

Financial Data Management

Ensure accuracy and consistency of data across your business by automating the data flow to support enhanced financial reporting and actuarial reserving. AutoRek creates a tailored data management framework that works alongside the systems in your business.

AutoRek consolidates data and validates it for accuracy and completeness, highlighting any issues early. It compares records from period to period, highlighting changes to positions quickly reducing the time taken to analysis data.

Key features

  • Intelligent Automation
  • Advanced UI
  • Intelligent Data Acquisition
  • Works with any data source or format
  • Data Validation, Transformation and Enrichment
  • Reference Data
  • Advanced Match Rules
  • Advanced Calculation Rules
  • Real-time MI and KPIs
  • Report Statement Generation
  • Full Audit Trail
  • Bespoke to your business requirements

No-code Suite of Financial Controls

Create bespoke financial control processes to meet your business requirements. AutoRek is a configurable rule driven platform which can be applied to a diverse range of insurance business scenarios. Designed with client self-sufficiency at its core, the solution empowers business users to manger and develop their key financial control processes.

The advanced user interface enables businesses to manage complex non-standard processes that are often found in the insurance sector. AutoRek provides end-to-end automation and ensures efficiency, control, accuracy, and auditability.

Insurance Solutions

Automated Insurance Reconciliations

Quickly automate key reconciliation processes to achieve higher efficiencies and streamline operational costs.

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Bordereau Reconciliations

The AutoRek Bordereau solution automates the whole process, increasing speed and efficiency whilst significantly reducing the costs involved.

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Insurer Statement Reconciliations

AutoRek provides an end-to-end solution that works alongside existing systems, perfecting your firm's capability to deliver insurer statement reconciliations.

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Insurance Credit Control

Learn about the issues insurers face with inefficient credit control processes and the business benefits that come with optimisation.

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