ATM Reconciliations

AutoRek provides a transparent and actionable control regime to support ATM cash management, reconciliation and reporting. We reconcile over 25% of all ATM cash transactions in the UK.

Key benefits

  • Strengthen control and governance through ATM cash cycle
  • Drive up automatic match rates for all ATM reconciliation
  • Ingest data in any format
  • Ingest data from banks, cash ordering systems, cash carriers, credit and debit card providers
  • Validate data at each stage of the cash cycle
  • Redirect focus to break resolution and exception management
  • Improve quality of reporting across ATM networks

An automated reconciliations solution

Reconciliations are undertaken at each stage of the ATM cash cycle. Break resolution and exception management is enhanced by incorporating data items including ATM IDs, location & address, cash in transit depot codes and denominations. Corrective adjustments can be automatically produced to write off small tolerance differences.

Bespoke and scalable to your requirements

AutoRek is a fully scalable solution that streamlines the ability to work with unstructured data, disseminating ATM transactional data and pinpointing discrepancies at ATM level.

Insightful management information

Frequent and meaningful management information (MI) is automatically produced across the ATM network, depots and regions. Disputes are categorised across specific regions, and volumes of transactions are monitored closely.