MiFID II | Transaction Reporting

In order to meet the challenges of MiFID II Transaction Reporting, AutoRek provides a robust, automated control framework that supports ongoing compliance.

Key benefits

  • Robust control environment
  • Comply with MiFID II regulations
  • Post reporting reconciliations
  • Automated workflow
  • Fully scalable to support company expansion
  • Comprehensive audit trails
  • Direct link to your ARM
  • Reduces risk of over / under reporting
  • Single, centralized repository

Meet Transaction Reporting obligations

To fulfill these requirements, firms must run a series of interconnected reconciliations to monitor and resolve data issues in real-time. AutoRek performs data integrity and validation checks and creates a golden source of data ahead of reporting.

Verify and consolidate your data

AutoRek loads data directly from source systems, enabling transactional and static data to be amalgamated and consolidated in a single repository. The software verifies the completeness and accuracy of transactions and both categorises and prioritises issues as they arise.

Effective case management

AutoRek’s case management and workflow functionality tracks issues, assigns them to the appropriate person, teams or 3rd parties for resolution, and monitors progress.

Post reporting reconciliations

AutoRek captures all three elements required by RTS 22 Transaction Reporting. It reports concisely on the 3-way reconciliation between the reporting entity, ARM and the regulator.