AutoRek for ABOR & IBOR reconciliations

Asset managers need accurate and informative records to succeed. Managing data effectively is key to maximising value and keeping operational costs low.

But if you’re operating both an IBOR and an ABOR, you’ll have to manage an additional dataset – which can cause issues.

To maintain the accuracy and completeness of all data, controls are essential. So, your firm must have appropriate processes in place, particularly for the reconciliation of all records.

In this guide, find out how our automated financial controls and reconciliation platform allows you to manage your data more effectively by:

  • Streamlining processes
  • Defining data inputs
  • Standardising data
  • Automating controls
  • Providing real-time management information (MI)

It also provides three use cases where AutoRek manages the reconciliation of ABOR and IBOR data.

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