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End-to-end CASS automation solution

Ensuring our clients achieve compliance with CASS regulations is a driving force behind product development at AutoRek. For over a decade, our CASS platform has been the go-to solution to help firms meet the complex requirements of client money and asset rules. It’s specifically designed to help firms reduce compliance costs.

Our automated CASS solution is constantly evolving and now provides a comprehensive, end-to-end tool to make certain your firm meets all requirements set by the FCA. Features cover everything from reconciliation capabilities that enable clients to automatically generate the CMAR, to the all-new CASS Governance Toolkit to ensure effective compliance oversight.

This paper explores key CASS rules as outlined in the FCA’s handbook, the challenges firms face with compliance and how the AutoRek solution can drive business value.

Download the full paper to learn:

  • A summary of FCA requirements for:
    • CASS 3: Collateral
    • CASS 5: Client money insurance distribution activity
    • CASS 6: Custody asset rules
    • CASS 7: Client money rules
    • CASS 8: Mandates
    • CASS 10: Resolution pack
    • CASS 11: Client money debt management
    • CASS 13: Client money claims management
  • Key benefits of the AutoRek CASS platform
  • Technical functionality of the AutoRek CASS platform

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