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VanguARd – automated cash allocation

Many financial organisations continue to struggle with limited cash application or auto-cash processing functionalities provided by core accounting systems. This results in inefficient manual processes and increases the time to post cash, research exceptions and correct allocations.

VanguARd™ is our automated cash allocation and cash application tool. It takes any format of remittance advice, relates it to banked amounts and automatically applies it to sales and debtors ledgers. It is specifically designed to help our clients save hundreds of hours of manual effort, ensuring instant detection of deductions and unfulfilled promises to pay.

Download the full paper to learn:

  • What challenges firms typically face with cash application
  • The benefits of automated over manual allocation processes
  • Technical specifications of our VanguARd™ solution
  • The business benefits of our VanguARd™ solution
  • Typical use cases and examples of implementation

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