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On-demand webinar: The global payments landscape

Webinar recap: 5 key takeaways 

AutoRek’s Global Payments Lead Nick Botha was joined by Somya Patnaik, ACI Worldwide Global Solutions Lead, Roisin Levine, Commercial Lead for Wise Platform, and Grant McKenzie, Consulting Director at CBS Consulting. The panel was moderated by AutoRek’s VP of Sales Hugh Burden, and they discussed the global payments landscape and what can be expected in 2024 and beyond.

We learnt that:

  1. Real-time payments continue to grow. Governments are pushing for adoption as it encourages economic growth
  2. Instant payments will see volumes increase. Firms will need to ensure their infrastructure can handle new ways of working
  3. Real-time cross-border payments are getting closer, helped by successful domestic schemes (but we’re not quite there yet)
  4. FedNow is expected to change the US payments landscape, with participation expected to increase
  5. Reasons to be optimistic: The macroeconomic conditions are ripe for innovation, with more embedded payments experiences expected