CASS | Client Money and Assets

AutoRek significantly reduces the burden on firms required to meet the regulatory obligation of client money / client asset protection, as defined in the FCA CASS Handbook.

Key benefits

  • Achieve CASS 6 and CASS 7 compliance
  • Real-time insight into status and exposure
  • Reduced dependency on manual processes
  • Minimise risk of CASS breaches
  • Automated governance and audit workflow
  • Single, centralised repository
  • Adaptable to new regulatory requirements
  • Electronic signoff and record retention
  • Run automated CASS 10 Resolution Pack tests

Achieve CASS automation

AutoRek’s features include automation of internal and external reconciliations, identification and treatment of shortfalls, execution of the daily client money calculation, production of CMAR and support for CASS RP.

Mitigate risk of CASS breaches

Interactive dashboards and reporting provide the CF10a, Senior Managers, and CASS governance teams with real time insight into status of processes and exception management. This minimises risk of regulatory breaches and reduces the cost of compliance.

More functionality, full accountability

Control Mapping and Breach Reporting provides you with a multi-functional tool to map your firms controls and risks to CASS Rules, log your CASS Breaches and assign accountability.

Meet CASS 10 needs with automated RP tests

AutoRek will meet your CASS 10 needs with our Resolution Pack tool. With this you can run automated RP tests to ensure your firms readiness.

Full auditability

Nothing can be deleted from AutoRek making it invaluable to users during annual CASS audits, with firms able to provide read-only access to auditors if required.