CASS | Client Money and Assets

AutoRek provides an end-to-end CASS software solution. Reduce costs, save on resources and ensure your firm complies with FCA client money / custody assets rules.

Key benefits

  • Fully comply with CASS rules as per the FCA handbook
  • Minimise risk of CASS breaches
  • Quickly identify and resolve shortfalls as per CASS 6.6.54R
  • Real-time insight for CF10a, senior managers and CASS governance teams
  • Run CASS 10 resolution pack tests
  • Quickly adapt to new regulatory requirements
  • Automate all daily cash reconciliations required under CASS 7
  • Easily meet monthly CMAR requirements
  • Automate CASS governance and audit workflows

Comply with CASS 6 Custody rules

Automate your custody asset reconciliations and ensure data integrity. AutoRek can run simultaneous reconciliations for multiple legal entities and business units, saving on costs and resource.

AutoRek keeps all your reconciliations in one place, ensuring clean audits and efficient regulatory reporting. Your firm can be ready for any situation with flexible workflow processes and additional ISEM controls when required.

Meet your CASS 7 Client money obligations

To help meet your CASS 7 regulatory requirements, AutoRek accomodates both client money calculation methods (individual client balance or net-negative add back).The solution keeps your client money and assets reporting on track and gives access to extensive real-time management information.

The output of your daily reconciliations can be used for regulatory reporting requirements such as CMAR and internal reporting, while AutoRek's dashboarding functionality and custom processing ensures it can fit your unique business controls.

Maintain a golden source with CASS Rules and Control Mapping

Determine the scope of each CASS rule set per legal entity, add your own rule interpretations and stay on top of amendments to the rule set.

AutoRek lets you introduce CASS risks and controls into the application, assign ownership to key controls and generate immediate point-in-time reports as required.

Minimise risk with the CASS Breach Log

Built-in workflow functionality lets you create new breaches as and when they occur and assign actions to resolve them.

AutoRek provides a single, electronic source of breach storage, giving insight into vital data such as breaches by month or department, plus breach monetary value.

Comprehensive CASS 10 resolution pack tool

Ensure solid CASS governance with AutoRek's resolution pack tool. The feature lets you upload relevant documentation against specific in-scope CASS 10 rules, such as client money calculations.

Assign ownership and timeframes to each of the CASS 10 rules and run automated resolution pack tests to mirror FCA visits and audits.