Sustainability & Environment

Looking after our environment and working in a sustainable way is vitally important to the team at AutoRek. Our initiatives range from recycling and working with sustainable suppliers, to our Cycle to Work scheme.

Working with Brewgooder

AutoRek joined the good fight with BrewGooder in 2018 to help the great cause of #DrinkBeerGiveWater. We stock beer from BrewGooder in all our offices to be enjoyed at “Beer O’Clock” on a Friday.

As a company, in 2 years we have contributed to almost 10,000 people having access to clean water. We fully back the idea and goal of every person being able to have access to clean water and so if we can help in this small way, we are proud to be involved.

Cycle to work

Our Cycle to Work scheme allows employees to choose a bike, hire it for a period of time and then buy it for a fraction of its original value. There are no taxes or National Insurance costs, saving employees up to 39%.

This scheme also encourages employees to get out in the fresh air, reduce their carbon footprint on their way to work and exercise both their bodies and their minds. 


At AutoRek, we take every measure to ensure we are doing all we can to recycle and reduce waste. We have recycling bins for cardboard, plastic, glass bottles and aluminium cans in all offices. We provide water fountains to allow employees to refill water bottles and encourage as little plastic use as possible.

At AutoRek, we believe that we have a responsibility to protect our environment, therefore it is important to us that we take all correct measures to reduce waste.

Trees for Life

At AutoRek, we are constantly looking at different initiatives to get involved with to offset our carbon footprint.

As of December 2020, we are excited to have our very own tree grove in the Scottish Highlands. Starting with 86 trees, one for each employee, we will add more for every member we take on board the team.

Benjamin the Beaver

In addition to our tree grove, we have also sponsored a Beaver from the Scottish Highlands, who we named Benjamin.

Our sponsorship money goes towards researching, looking after and habitat restoration for the beaver population across Scotland.

Supplier Standards

We like to buy our supplies from ethical sources and locally where possible. Some of our suppliers include:

Mossigel Milk, a local company who provide organically farmed milk in glass bottles, which are refilled and returned, reducing waste from plastic cartons.

Wild Hearts suppliers, our office supplier, who invest their profits in initiatives to positively change lives locally and globally.

Fruits in the City, delivering a fresh fruit box to all our offices weekly, encouraging our team to reach their 5 a day goal!