Case Study


Marqeta is a US based card-issuing platform that provides infrastructure and tools to help companies build and manage payment programs. Marqeta’s modern card issuing platform is built from the ground up to provide booming start-ups and global enterprises with a modern solution they can trust.

The challenge

Marqeta took the decision to halt the expansion of their settlements team by way of automating their reconciliations. AutoRek was selected due to the flexibility of their platform – not only to fix the immediate problem but also with a view to address similar bottlenecks in other departments.


The benefits for Marqeta

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Time saved on reconciliations

By implementing the AutoRek platform, Marqeta was able to realize immediate reduction in manual processes and exception management, saving hours of effort. The team now have time freed up to perform investigations, analyse data and support others across the business.

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A solution tailored for their operations

AutoRek held a number of working sessions for users to see the solution being built first hand. Discussing the intricacies of requirements was helpful for both parties, allowing Marqeta to provide ongoing feedback to ensure the solution was built with their operational needs in mind.

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It was important to Marqeta that they were self-sufficient in using and managing their solution. The project was sustained by many in-person collaboration sessions between AutoRek and Marqeta for knowledge sharing and tutorials on the solution. Following the user training, Marqeta then took the lead to build the rest of their solution and only needed support for complex requirements. Contributing to the solution build meant that the team at Marqeta had a clearer picture of their solution, could train others across the business and update their solution to accommodate changing future requirements.