Implemented in many of the world's largest organisations, our range of deployments vary from high volume data migrations, elimination of manual processes and spreadsheets, regulatory reporting, reduction in fast close processes, to mitigation of operational and regulatory risk.


AutoRek reduces the burden on firms required to meet the regulatory obligation of client asset protection as defined in the FCA CASS Handbook.

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Automated Reconciliations

AutoRek delivers robust automated control software that mitigates risk, enhances control and delivers efficiencies.

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Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory reporting and control tool that ensures firms know their data, understand their data, and report completely and accurately on their data.

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Operational Resilience

Ensure your firm's ability to meet core business operations when faced with external and internal challenges.

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Financial Controls

Robust automated financial controls framework that reduces operational risk, enhances control and delivers efficiencies.

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A robust, automated quality control framework which supports compliance with MiFID II Transaction Reporting regulations.

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AutoRek is implemented in firms across the insurance sector as a key pillar in the implementation of the new IFRS 17 reporting requirements.

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Data Management

Powerful data management solution supporting the data collection, consolidation, validation and submission required for regulatory compliance.

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Cash Allocation

VanguARd™ from AutoRek is our automated cash allocation tool. Our solution automates the cash allocation process and reduces bad debts.

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ATM Reconciliations

AutoRek provides a transparent and actionable control regime that fully supports ATM cash management, reconciliation and reporting.

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Account sign-off and attestation tool

Account sign-off and attestation tool which supports fast close, multi-layered organisational structures and is scalable to support large volumes of reconciliations.

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Data Migration

Control framework for data migration that minimises the risk of project failure, improves data quality, guarantees data integrity and reduces costs.

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